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Registrars after-hours care participation - Who and where? (EPOSTER: 5mins)

Presentation Description

Background: Access to after-hours care (AHC) is of increasing concern in Australia with current trends indicating fewer GPs are providing AHC. GP training within Australia offers a great opportunity for registrars to experience different types of practice, including contributing to their practice AHC roster, in preparation for independent GP practice. This analysis aims to establish the prevalence and factors associated with registrars provision of AHC. 

Method: A cross-sectional analysis of questionnaire data (2017-2019) from the ReCEnT cohort study of GP registrars. Questionnaires are completed each six-month training term. The outcome factor was contribution to the registrars practices AHC roster. Independent variables were registrar and practice characteristics. Prevalence of registrars performing AHC was calculated with 95% Confidence Intervals. Associations of performing AHC were established using univariate and multivariable logistic regression. 

Results: 49% of 2083 individual registrars contributed to their current practices AHC roster. Significant multivariable associations of providing AHC were enrolment in the rural pathway (OR 1.65 [1.14, 2.39], p=0.008), training in an inner-regional location (OR 1.75 [(1.16, 2.62] p=0.007) or outer regional/remote/very remote location (OR 1.74 [(1.07, 2.83] p=0.026) versus a major city, later training term (OR 1.27 [1.03, 1.57] p=0.025) for third versus first GP term), and training in a larger practice (OR 2.08 [(1.76, 2.50] p= <.001. there was considerable variation between training regions for rurality our findings suggest approximately half of gp registrars contribute to ahc during each term. the associations identified with ahc-provision could guide efforts encourage be involved in this valuable and important service. implications these may further inform strategies within registrar practices promote provision as part holistic general practice care. discussion:="" practice:="">